Name:Hip Adduction SG50
Main Frame:50X200X3MM
Weight stacks:80kg
Pulley Diameter:90mm and 120mm
Seats:Best molding Pu Leather
Handle:Ergonomically designed Action Specific Grips
Picking:Bubble Paper / pallet / plywood case

  • Hip Adduction SG50

Product Description

G7 Best Strength Machines:


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Item No: SG50

Machine Name: Hip Adduction

Size: 1724X1296X1641MM

Weight Stack: 80KG

Function: Leg




China Best Strength Fitness Equipment


G7 line is the top quality of commercial selection gym equipment in China. It is powerful, comfortable compared with other machines. They can give trainners the industry’s most advanced functionality with an intuitive design that couldn’t be easier to operate.Featuring the industry’s most durable components wrapped in breathtaking industrial design, G7 line will exceed your expectations when it comes to earning and retaining members. 


As a manufacturer of fitness equipment with 10 years experience, Aike Fitness can make sure that each machine will be produced carefully and we always supply the high quality machines to each gym owner. 




1) a convenient accessory pad, bottle holder and towel bar

2) The uniformly low-profile stack height improves the aesthetic of your fitness facility

3) The Biggest and Stronggest Main Frame: 50 x 200 x 3mm

4) Ergonomically designed Action Specific Grips reduce stress on contact points while enhancing feel and form.

5) Super quality PU leather and made by molding

6) Excellent electrostatic powder coating with good adhesive force

7) Durable Cables and Pulleys




1) 10 years for structural steel frame

2) 5 years for electrostatic powder coating and weight stack

3) 3 years for rotary bearings, pulley, guide rods and structural parts

4) 2 years for cable, bearings, springs

5) 1 year for upholstery, handle end cap, all other items not listed.





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